September 17, 2007

Providing Inspection Information to Customer

Vehicle Inspection Report

It is important to provide information and discuss inspection results with your customers. The Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) is a helpful tool to use when discussing inspection results.

Inspection stations are required to print and give customers the Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) along with any accompanying documents that print out with the VIR. The VIR must be signed by the mechanic who inspected the vehicle on the line provided at the lower left portion of the VIR.

Please contact the NHOST Helpline at 800-383-4124 for program assistance.

OBD Information

Information about OBD testing and OBD rejections can be printed directly from your NHOST to provide to your customers. This information will also be helpful when discussing inspection results and advising customers on necessary repairs.

To print the OBD information: from the “Main Menu.” Go to “Information and Training” then click on “One Page OBD Information Sheets,” you will see buttons for seven information sheet options.

The “OBD Motorist brochure” is general information about OBD, including what do to if the vehicle is rejected.

If the vehicle is rejected for the OBD portion of the test, the rejection reason(s) will print directly from the unit after the inspection is completed.

Please contact the NHOST Helpline at 800-383-4124 for program assistance