September 10, 2007

Voltage Tester for diagnosing cable condition

To help diagnose communication problems, NHOST has developed an easy-to-use “OBD Voltage Tester” that will allow stations a way to quickly and efficiently perform a voltage test of OBD cables.

When vehicle communication problems occur this tester can be used to determine if the issue is caused by a damaged OBD cable or a legitimate communication problem associated with the vehicle being tested. The tester is used in conjunction with NHOST diagnostic menu software that is already on your NHOST unit.

From the “Main Menu” go to “Utilities Menu” then select “Diagnostic Tools”. After entering your pass code, click “Check OBD Unit”. You will then plug the OBD cable into the OBD Voltage Tester and click “OBD Connection Check”, the result will show either “Successful” or “Failed”.

Failed results usually indicate that either the OBD BLACK NULL CABLE or the ORANGE OBD CABLE has a problem and should be replaced. In some instances the OBD module will need to be replaced.