October 4, 2011

Sticker Register Reminder

This notice is being sent out as a reminder in regard to the sticker registry option that stations are now using. If the system asks you to enter the inspection number twice, we would recommend filling in the sticker book for that inspection.

The system will ask for re-entry of the sticker number if the sticker number is not listed in the unit’s database of available stickers or if the sticker has already been issued.

You should be aware that the sticker database is updated overnight, so stickers that are purchased today will not be in our system until tomorrow. This means that stickers won’t be listed as available on the unit until the day after you purchase them. If you use the stickers the same day you purchase then, you should complete the stub.

You can verify the sticker number that was entered into the test machine by comparing the sticker number shown on the VIR to the sticker that you are about to put on the vehicle.

Again, if the unit asks for the sticker number twice, fill out the sticker book for that inspection.