November 6, 2009

NHOST Enhancements

In an effort to increase the availability of important information being communicated to NH inspection stations operating NHOST inspection units, we would like to announce that certain features are being planned.

NHOST now provides the option of having NHOST notifications sent to an e-mail address in addition to your NHOST unit(s).

Your station’s inspection history will soon be available to you for viewing by way of the Internet.

NHOST will soon be able to send a notification to an e-mail address you provide of all consumable items ordered via the NHOST unit.

If you are an owner or manager and are interested in the above enhancements, please provide Gordon Darby the e-mail address where you would like to receive this information. Only one e-mail address per station can be accepted at this time.

Please respond to this e-mail directly to “Program Manager” through your NHOST unit’s mail feature providing Gordon-Darby with the e-mail address you would like NHOST notifications sent to.

We thank and commend all of the inspection stations and mechanics for maintaining the highly successful OBD II/Safety Inspection program operations achieved to date. As always, please contact NHOST Services for program assistance through e-mail or the Help Line at 800-383-4124.