November 30, 2006

60-Day Repair Period for OBD Rejections

Per RSA 266:59-b (V), a vehicle that fails the OBD II test and passes all other inspection requirements will be issued a temporary waiver that permits its operation for 60 days from the date of issuance, in order to make required repairs. This provision applies to vehicles owned both by private individuals and motor vehicle dealers, and should provide sufficient time for OBD II readiness monitors to be set following any OBD II repairs. Stations should make sure that vehicle owners are aware of this 60-day waiver period and the need to allow sufficient time following repairs for the setting of the readiness monitors. If a vehicle passes the safety inspection but fails the OBDII test, a temporary plate can be issued since the vehicle is safe for the road. The 60-day waiver period and retest requirements are applicable to such vehicles.