May 6, 2010

Electrical and Phone line Wiring

Recent thunderstorms have raised the issue of electrical and phone line wiring required in inspection stations for proper operation of the NHOST unit. Improper wiring can damage the NHOST unit, including PC and modem, particularly during a thunderstorm. It is important to understand that a lightning strike directly to your building or in very near vicinity will not be suppressed by any spike protector. It is best, when a lightning storm is forecast for your area to unplug both the power cord and the phone cord (if applicable). This is the only way to ensure complete protection for your NHOST unit. We would recommend, as well, that you follow the same precaution for the other high tech equipment you may be using in your shop.

The following describes the specific wiring that is required for the station NHOST connection. Please note, as detailed in Section 4 of the Station Agreement, ‘Equipment Lease’, that damages (repair cost) caused to the NHOST unit related to incorrect station wiring or connection will be the responsibility of the station.

Electrical Power Connection: The NHOST cart power cord must be plugged into a properly wired 115 volt AC grounded receptacle. Proper wiring consists of the house wire neutral going to the large receptacle plug hole, the positive wire connecting to the small receptacle plug hole and the house ground wire connecting to the round receptacle plug hole. This type of connection is referred to as a 115 volt a/c polarized’ and grounded circuit. If an extension cord is used, it must be a grounded type of good condition.

Phone Line Connection: The NHOST unit must be connected to either a standard dial-up telephone line or high-speed Internet connection. It can be difficult to diagnose phone line wiring deficiencies without specialized equipment. Simple things like reversed wiring, can sometimes be identified on small uncomplicated systems by visually inspecting the wiring. In many cases a phone jack [receptacle] may appear to be wired correctly because the correct color wire is connected to the correct color terminal, but if that phone wire is connected to the wrong terminal someplace else in the building it compromises the entire system. If you suspect that someone other than a trained phone technician has performed wiring or connections on your in-house phone wiring system, you may want to contact a professional to perform some system wiring tests.

As always, feel free to contact the NHOST Helpline, 800-383-4124, for program assistance.