July 20, 2005

Important NHOST Unit Connection Information

To ensure the high availability of the Vehicle Information Database or VID services, the Primary VID site is mirrored in real-time to a Backup site.

If the Primary site becomes unavailable, your NHOST unit will automatically try to access the VID using the Backup site.

If your NHOST unit(s) is having difficulty accessing the Backup site, this is likely due to a configuration of your network, firewall or router. You, or the person(s) responsible for your network, firewall and router, need to make sure that your NHOST units can access BOTH of the two IP addresses. These addresses can be obtained by calling the Helpline at 1-800-383-4124.

You must be able to access the IP addresses using Port 80 and/or Port 4444. Some stations have reported difficulty reaching at least one of the IP addresses using Port 4444. Therefore, we recommend that you try Port 80 first. If that works for your NHOST unit(s), then leave your NHOST unit(s) set for Port 80. Otherwise try Port 4444.

To check to see if you can access both VID sites, please:

  1. Select the Utilities Menu item from the Main Menu of your NHOST unit.
  2. Select the Connection Setup and Dial Options button.
  3. Select your name from the list and enter your passcode.
  4. Select the “Set TCP/IP Information” button.
  5. Press “OK” at “Changes will not be applied until the OK button is clicked”.