December 8, 2005

Four Important Program Reminders


It is important to notify NHOST prior to moving or selling your station.

The NHOST unit is the sole property of Gordon-Darby NHOST Services, Inc and may not be modified, sold or transferred to any business or individual by the lessee. The NHOST unit may not be moved from the contracted location without prior approval from Gordon-Darby. Additionally, if you sell your station, NHOST accounting needs to know so we may confirm that your account is settled, terminate your station agreement, and retrieve the NHOST unit from your location.


It is important to notify DMV with updated mechanic information. This will help ensure that mechanics are accurately authorized to perform tests and will maintain access to the testing unit.

To update information send:

  • Name of mechanic
  • Mechanic certificate number
  • Mechanic date of birth
  • Mechanic driver’s license number

On company letterhead with the inspection station number and signed by the station owner/manager, to:
Department of Safety – Division of Motor Vehicles
Inspection Desk; 33 Hazen Drive;
Concord, NH 03305


Some items used for operation of the NHOST unit are considered ”consumable” and are the responsibility of the station to maintain and replace, as necessary for proper operation of the NHOST unit. For your convenience, and to avoid any disruption providing testing services, we recommend keeping spares on-hand in your station and reorder as needed. Replacement parts may be ordered directly from the NHOST unit. From the “Main Menu” go to “Administrative Menu”, then “Order Spares”.

Consumable items list:

Black OBD Cable; Orange OBD Cable; Bar Code Scanner Cable; Cart Cover; Audio Cable; Monitor Cables (2); PC Power Cable; Printer USB Cable; Printer Power Cable; OBD Cover (2 halves); Phone cord; Toner cartridges


The NHOST inspection unit is a high-tech piece of equipment. As such, appropriate care should be taken while using the system, especially while moving it around in your shop, either from one bay to another or from one end of the shop to the other. It has become apparent that rough handling coupled with uneven flooring or drainage grates has caused substantial damage to some units that could have been avoided by exercising proper care. In addition to causing damage to the carts, rough handling or improper use may lead to malfunction of the system itself which could result in an interruption to your ability to perform inspections.

As always, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance though the Helpline, 800-383-4124.