August 1, 2008

New Registration Format

The State of New Hampshire Department of Safety, Division of Motor Vehicles has made a change in the format of the registration certificate.

This new certificate will be printed on white 8½ by 3¾ paper with the state seal in the background. It will contain all of the essential information as the “old style” registration certificates as well as some newer features. You will no longer be required to enter any information regarding the inspection on the back of the registration certificate.

Implementation is due to be completed in early September, 2008. The “old style” registration certificate will be completely phased out by April, 2010.

In addition to the registration certificate, you may see a new form called a 30-Day Registration Extension. This will be used ONLY if the State computers are not operational during the last five (5) days of the month, and a citizen’s registration is due to expire, making the registration certificate valid and the vehicle able to be inspected.

If you have any questions, please contact the Bureau of Registration Inspection Desk at 603-271-2321.